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Always Follow Cleaning Instructions
To make sure your silk and rayon items retain their sheen, always follow the directions on the care labels and never dry clean your "washable" items or use bleach. Also, be sure to remove any stains from alcoholic beverages as quickly as possible. Alcohol can cause discoloration as well as household products. Lastly, always store your garments in closets or away from any light source due to the silk and rayon fading from any exposure.
The Green Garmento is...
  • Eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic drycleaning bags
  • Attractive garment bag
  • Space saving hamper
  • Roomy duffel bag
  • Breathable & water resistant
  • Recylable & Reusable
  • Accepted by 1000 drycleaners!
The Green Garmento will...
  • Help the drycleaning industry reduce waste
  • Lessen the plastic loadto landfills & waterways
  • Save marine and wildlife
  • Rid your home of plastic
  • Organize & green your routine
  • Help you to...
  • Be fantastic and use less plastic!