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Get Wrinkles out of Velvet Garments
Velvet garments can experience a variety of problems, but here are some tips to help you keep them looking brand new: Always hang the garments in a well-ventilated closet after wearing. To get wrinkles out, hang the garment in the bathroom and steam. Ironing velvets will ruin the material. Do not blot or apply pressure to stains & clean them immediately after use. If you can’t get a stain out, our experts can help!
The Green Garmento is...
  • Eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic drycleaning bags
  • Attractive garment bag
  • Space saving hamper
  • Roomy duffel bag
  • Breathable & water resistant
  • Recylable & Reusable
  • Accepted by 1000 drycleaners!
The Green Garmento will...
  • Help the drycleaning industry reduce waste
  • Lessen the plastic loadto landfills & waterways
  • Save marine and wildlife
  • Rid your home of plastic
  • Organize & green your routine
  • Help you to...
  • Be fantastic and use less plastic!